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Aaron Benjamin Cohen (Social Media Photo).jpg

Aaron Benjamin Cohen

Aaron Benjamin Cohen’s work is characterized by layers of depth and color, rough forms, and

impromptu created shapes that configure into compositions imbued with intimacy. As a self

taught artist, Aaron’s paintings strike a balance between intentionality and discovery. Initially

beginning his practice with abstraction using house paint on found surfaces, Aaron has built his

work starting with an outline and continues to develop it through constant layering. The

paintings become the result of the push and pull between trying to achieve the original image,

while allowing the image to also build itself. Engaging with life and community around him,

Aaron uses his paintings as a form of communication to connect with his surroundings. Fusing

inspirations from classical baroque paintings, personal photographs and basic life experiences,

Aaron creates hybrid stories that capture the essence of the moment and portray it in a way

which allows viewers to build an intimate relationship with the subject and scene.

Recently returning back from a year in Mexico City,. Aaron is currently working in his home

studio in Philadelphia continuing a body of work from the time spent there that navigates

through themes of culture, religion and himself.

                     You can find more about Aaron and his work                                         

                at his website                                                      or through his instagram                                   @aaronbenjamincohen             

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