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b. 1976 Belgium, lives and works in the Netherlands

Donated Artwork

Sven Mouton coined the term "Lungantic" as a playful and thought-provoking fusion of several concepts. It combines "lung" symbolising bamboo as a vital respiratory system for the planet, "gigantic" emphasizing its grandeur, and "antic," which alludes to the mask. This amalgamation of ideas could be aptly described as "Lungtastic," where the fantastic nature of bamboo's role is celebrated. Alternatively, it can be represented as "Lunghazi," with "ghazi" borrowed from Swahili, denoting a marketplace. This term reflects the idea of bamboo as a marketplace for innovative concepts while honoring the African influence embodied in the mask.
The sculpture comes with four original sketches of the entrance buildings of Planckendael Zoo, Belgium, which serves as an installation for the 18th International Architecture Exhibition in Venise.

Lungantic Mask 1
Mixed bamboo and steel plate assembled
80 x 30 cm
Auction Estimate:
3,000-5,000 GBP
About the Artist

Architect & Urban Planner, PhD in Engineering Sciences - Architecture
Sven Mouton, an architect and urban planner, holds a PhD in Engineering Sciences with a focus on bio-based construction materials and regenerative architecture. His career journey began as a project leader in urban planning at Arcadis after completing his master's in architecture at UGent.
During his tenure at Arcadis, Sven managed various urban and spatial planning projects and designed public spaces such as streets, parks, and squares. He also engaged in a social development project called "Bamboostic" in Brazil, teaching bio-based construction techniques to underserved communities. This project marked the beginning of his collaboration with KU Leuven, leading to his doctoral thesis.
In 2015, he temporarily paused his architectural work to complete his doctoral dissertation in Brazil, where he continued to work with communities on bamboo and rammed earth construction projects. Upon returning to Belgium in 2020, Sven resumed his architectural endeavors and partnered with Guy Mouton on the innovative Planckendael entrance buildings project.
His collaboration with Mouton has focused on constructing bamboo, reed, and ETFE towers, and experimenting with rammed earth walls. This partnership has furthered his expertise in bio-based construction materials and regenerative architecture.

Collections & Recognitions

Sven’s work has gained international recognition, with publications, lectures, and awards, including the ArchDaily Best Building of the Year Award and the Design that Educates Award.
He believes in bridging theory and practice and has cultivated strong relationships with academics and professionals. Collaboration with KU Leuven provides an ideal platform to share knowledge and explore new insights for sustainable architecture and urban planning. Sven has also worked closely with sustainability advocate Gunter Pauli on ambitious projects using bio-based materials.
Another notable collaboration was with artist Koen Vanmechelen on the "Eggs in the Windmills" project, focusing on bamboo-designed conference halls integrated into windmills. These projects, though in the design phase, reflect a commitment to pioneering sustainable architectural possibilities.


Sven's participation in prestigious events like the Venice Biennale has allowed him to showcase his work and expertise to a global audience.
Centre pompidou has acquired his sketches and a 1:1 bamboo joint model for their permanent collection.

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