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Christine Galvez

Capturing and preserving nature’s fleeting beauty with metal, Christine Galvez has

created a whimsical world filled with creatures, myths and nostalgic beauty. Through

her transformative touch, cold metal comes alive. Intriguing and inviting, friendly and

feminine, each piece capturing a moment, an image and story.

Galvez’ story started with a spark while watching her father tinkering, welding and

creating in his workshop in the south of France. The spark inspired a young girl to try

her hand at metalwork and years later to join the Art Students League in NY where she

has created a personal universe filled with light and art. From her youth in a seaside

city in the South of France to her vibrant NY life today, structural, sunlit forms and

macabre creatures inspired by nature have become Christine’s constant companions

as she travels through the hammering heat and fire that shapes her universe.

Under Pressure is her most personal piece to date and fully captures the complex

balance of beauty, danger, perseverance and oppression. These themes are familiar

to Christine who explores them individually in her “Curiosity Cabinet” collection; where

each work pairs a different species with an emotional element. Under Pressure,

received the prestigious “Red Dot” award at The 2019 Art Students League of NY

student councours – the same award presented to Georgia O’Keffe for her painting

“Dead Rabbit with Copper Pot”. Under Pressure showcases Galvez’ technical prowess

by carefully integrating metal and glass to tell the complex story of a curious octopus

and an innocent shrimp; captured in time and preserved under glass. An Art Students

League of NY member since 2012 Christine forges life into reclaimed automobile parts,

scrap metal or steel sheets on her metallic journey. Along the way, Christine lights up

her world, bringing life to creatures and form and function to furniture and ornamental


The recent public recognition and appreciation for her work has strengthened

Christine’s resolve to create inspired artistic work, but also to craft functional pieces.

Her collection of iconic NYC water tanks plays a central, decorative role while doubling

as a hiding place for cherished secrets and mementos. Her expanded body of work

stems from a naturalist world of sculpture and art but sits squarely in today’s world of

design and functionality.

In the artisan tradition, Galvez’ work covers three principle areas: sculpture, luminary,

and furniture. The brand Metalight New York was developed as a vehicle to showcase

Christine’s complete body of work and make it more accessible.

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