Chantal Westby


Chantal Westby is a leading female figure in USA in contemporary ink painting. She employs the use of Chinese ink and mixed media on paper or canvas to create entirely original work. Her paintings reflect the accomplishments of a seasoned of French master indebted to the riches of traditional Chinese painting and experimentation with western abstract expressionism.


Educated and formally trained in design, Chantal Westby creates an intuitive and energetic world of the imagination on her canvases.


In order to understand Chantal’s highly abstract compositions one must begin with an appreciation of her spiritual foundation, which she finds expressed in every aspect of our natural and contrived world. These range from the simplest peaceful and poetic landscapes to the more complex manifestations expressed, for example, in images ranging from those provided by the most powerful electron microscope to the immensity of the cosmos as depicted by the Hubble telescope.


 She is an artist obsessed by the cosmos and its energy. Contemplating the celestial vault, and expressing the fruits of that contemplation on canvas is her attempt to answer several essential questions: where we come from, who we are, and where we are going. Basically, hers is an attempt to explain the existence of our world and of all its living inhabitants.  


 It is our imagination that enables us to endure our lowly, finite status and when that imagination is combined with Chantal’s talents of expression, wonderfully evocative works of art are the result. Perhaps as a tribute to her dual cultural roots, in her work she utilizes a full pallet of ink colors and natural pigments in combination with gold and silver leaf to produce works that suggest the peace that can exist within us despite the uncertainty and awe that the universe can inspire.


After a successful career in Paris, and after several years of study at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Chantal has committed her life to aesthetics.


 She lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.