Sacha Mallet


Sacha Mallet is a photographer and visual artist.

Franco-British, Sacha began her career working in advertising with various fashion and luxury brands in Paris.  By working with prestigious photographers and Creative Directors; Sacha was able to develop a keen eye for design, style, and aesthetic.

In 2008, Sacha moved to Madrid and then Shanghai, and made the decision to dedicate herself exploring and nurturing her true passion: photography.
For 3 years, she traveled across South-East Asia capturing street scenes - portraits of people or children.   In this time she gathered an astonishing collection of snapshots – delicately mixing poetry, humor and tenderness which was then chosen for a 2014 exhibit  in Shanghai.

Sacha has resided in New York City since 2015.  The city has since become her "hunting ground", and leads her to "explore" the Five Boroughs, alone or during her "New York Flâneries", where she shares her appetite for history and her love for Street Art with her group of "Flâneuses".
Sacha pulls texture and volume from everything that the city offers - its vibration, its energy; the graphics of its buildings, the creative explosion of Street Artists and their "Murals".
Since 2019, she has been enhancing her photographs by playing on the transparency of the resin, in which her photographs are scenographed in the form of revisited Buildings or Water tanks.
She has also expanded her photographic work by making her own stencils which she then imprints onto montages of authentic front pages of the New York Times: A "mashup" at the convergence of photography, street art and an icon of New York culture.

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