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Marine FUTIN

For me, art is a place of spontaneity, joy, and possibility. Whether through sculpture, painting, pastels, or music, I’ve long had a love of using art to express myself. My work has been exhibited and recognized across the globe – including as a participant at the Salon des Artistes Français in Paris, and the Pastel Society 121st Annual Exhibition 2020 in London. 


I paint to explore emotional diversity across cultures: Women from all around the world, emotions that live inside us all but miles apart, Connections we create, nurture and transform. 


While my artistic focus is constantly evolving as I grow and learn, a pivotal aspect of my work is helping others feel more in tune with their own creative forces, as well as encouraging genuine human connection with those around us. 


My path of self-discovery and the pursuit of art has taken me around the world, from France to China to India and the United States. I’ve been the recipient of several art and entrepreneurship awards and have partnered with companies including Facebook, Google, and KPMG to engage their employees through art.


Today I live, paint, perform, and guide creative workshops in New York City, driven by a passion for helping others connect with their inner creativity.