Marie Caroline Bouyer


Marie Caroline Bouyer is a painter and multi-media artist inspired by nature. Her interpretations of flora and birds are ever-present in her work.

Influenced by a recent stay in Japan, her latest pieces combine lightness, asymmetry, and a gentle finesse in her brushstrokes, reminiscent of Shinto art.

The inevitability of change is characteristic of MC Bouyer's work, invoking a sense of the passing of time. Her use of black and silver in her background reinforces the strength and unique, precious character of nature. Darkness highlights color. The viewer can almost feel a bird landing on a blade of grass or a butterfly hovering over a flower.


Her convictions about Integral Ecology stem from a key-concept in   Laudato Si’, by Pope Francis from his Encyclical on The Environment, leading MC Bouyer to produce mobile installations using recycled materials. “Nature cannot be regarded as something separate from ourselves or as a mere setting in which we live. We are part of nature.” Pope Francis