Pauline Ohrel


Born in 1967 , Pauline Ohrel lives and works in Paris, and anywhere requested .

Pauline Ohrel has been obsessed with the observation and thinking of others. She is driven to sculpt, transfigure and dignify every material she works with. 

She is the sculptress of sensitivity.

Pauline Ohrel’s silhouettes find their strength in emotions, feelings and postures fed with pure energy .

Having worked conventional materials such as bronze , stone , plaster, wax, for several years, and with success, she now focuses on working wire mesh, giving this material an astonishing nobility.

The projection in the space of forms which appear in motion games, (reversal prospects and anamorphic offered by the transparency of the matter), leads us to a unique balance between volume and lightness , transparency and consistency , representation and evocation .

"In my work on wire, I explore the boundaries of design and volume . The ambiguity due to transparency of the material , playing on the perspectives and perceptions, suggests or erases the envelope. The suggestion  requires the active support of the spectator.