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Nathalie Gillard

Ceramic sculptor

Born on 13th June 1962

Lives and works in Douai


I have been trained mainly at the Art School of Douai for ten years and since 2000  I have exhibited my ceramic sculptures at personal and collective exhibitions in France, Belgium and at the Wuhan museum in China.

I carried out clay projects in schools in Douaisis and nowadays I lead 2 worshops of Art Therapy in the CMP of Douai.

I love working with clay where the visual dialogues with the touch, awakening a deep emotional memory.

I’m inspired by women.

Stelae, totems, spheres, ceramic paintings and containers complete my research.

Graphics, englobes, enamels and smoke enliven the surfaces.

I use the Raku technique a lot. It requires 2 firings ( low temperature : 980 to 1050 degrees farhenheit) in my gas oven, a thermal shock that creates a network of cracks and smoke in the sawdust ( in barrels, outside) which will blacken the unglazed  areas and the cracks. I use  chamotte stoneware.

I also try out paper clay and porcelain.

Sometimes I incorporate salvaged materials ( wood, glass, metal) into my sculptures.

I’m looking for balance and harmony through forms, colors and graphics, leaving some space for the unexpected.

I like contrasts ( black, colors, matt, gloss)

I ‘m fond of this material which can transform itself and I enjoy playing with clay, water, air and  fire!

The material and oneself are being transformed all along the process through creativity in the privacy of the workshop.

Clay makes this alliance with nature  possible.

It brings the spirit and the raw material, sensitivity and the mental state, the being and the doing together.

Nathalie Gillard in Video