Lénaïc Mercier

Born and raised in France, Lénaïc G. Mercier has started his artistic career

at a very early age as a Circus child artist. 


Graduated in audiovisual and theatrical production, and trained in video

editing and motion graphic design, he quickly brought the virtual world into

the live performing arts to bring the people’s dream to the next level.


The image, still or moving, is the centre of gravity of his work. While he is

developing an artistic director career in live performing arts, photography

also occupies a major place in his life. 

When asked, he likes to define himself as a multi-media artist, in the largest

definition of the word.


He feeds his inspiration with almost everything that surrounds him.

Fascinated by space and cosmos, an entire project can sometimes be

inspired by only one music, painting, book...


Recognized for his unique skills, expertise, creative direction and limitless

imagination, he works on a very large range of projects, from museum and

public installations to live shows and music videos direction.


“My mission here is to make people dream. It all starts with a vision. My

work then is to translate this vision into reality, using arts and technology

with a master central word: Emotion”, says Mercier.