At the heart of LP4Y lies a deep-seated concern with the catastrophic situation facing a growing number of excluded Youth worldwide, as illustrated by a study carried out in the field. It turns out that these excluded Young Adults, who have managed to survive life in the streets have done so by developing some of the same skills as entrepreneurs. This became apparent to LP4Y’s founders over the course of one year spent visiting major cities in 23 different countries. And all these Young need is a place where they can learn to channel those skills, allowing them to become active members of a decent world.


A group of friends, entrepreneurs and young people, in Europe and the USA, came together to create Life Project for Youth, an organization which is 100% dedicated to the integration of young excluded victims of extreme poverty. They decided to create Life Project Centers (LPCs) - incubators for entrepreneurial projects, close to the heart of slum areas, where excluded Young Adults receive all necessary support as they make their way towards social and professional inclusion.

Life Project 4 Youth’s mission is the social and professional insertion of impoverished Young Adults living in exclusion.