Luis da Cruz

Like my life, my art defies strict labels. Simply put, I am a visual artist and designer

born in Portugal, educated in France, based in New York City, and always on the

move. I work with materials ranging from the common such as iron, canvas, and

porcelain, to the unexpected such as coffee filters, NYC trash cans, elevator

cables, and discarded mattresses. Everything is fodder for thought and

expression, and anything can be a material. The discarded, the mundane, and the

elegant are all equal in potential. By using these ideas as a guiding principle, I

create objects that transcend categorization.

Through a juxtaposition of aesthetics, materials, and the deliberate blurring of

boundaries, my work explores the harmony between the organic and inorganic

and the inherent potential for transformation in any object.

Throughout my career I have created site-specific installations for international

clients, furniture and design objects for retail, and paintings and sculptures for

exhibitions. I find inspiration everywhere, and as such I am always working and

continually creating.