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Anne Céline Grandury

Anne-Céline Grandury is a French-American artist who began her artistic journey in photography. She then explored a variety of disciplines and mediums, ranging from painting to printmaking before discovering the potential of combining these disciplines to convey her artistic vision.

Anne-Céline started the series “Soul Searching’’ as a metaphor for life and her journey to finding her voice as a female artist. Her work encompasses the process by which we, as individuals, progressively layer experiences on top of one another as we open and close the different chapters of our lives. Some layers may be buried while others may come forward more easily. As these layers meld and fuse, they create the foundation of our senses of self and inner worlds.

The artist weaves a tapestry of memories as she blends her photographs and paintings with various substrates and torn fragments of posters from New York City and other places she has visited.

She is deeply drawn to graffiti and posters as they symbolize the ephemerality of our humanity: slowly fading with the passage of time. Anne-Céline meticulously tears and reassembles these personal artifacts one by one as she reflects on the essence of time, learns how to flow with it and attempts to be more present, inspired, and connected to her inner self. 

In 2021, she began her collaboration with the Quogue Gallery and her work has been exposed in the Hamptons and New York City.

Anne Céline Grandury
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