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Faustine Badrichani

Faustine Badrichani is a French artist living and working in New York. Her work focuses primarily on the female body and expressions of femininity. Over the past ten years, Badrichani—with the exploratory mind characteristic to self-taught artists—has developed an extensive artistic practice, from sculpture (direct plaster) and works on paper. Over the past few years, she has shifted her focus to acrylic and oil paintings.

Faustine works from life, and invites models to pose in her New York studio. For her, painting women is an investigation of the fine line between the universal and the intimate, and this exploration is endless. The female body has always been a central figure in her practice, and she has developed different series of works around this theme, creating her own graphic universe, always using a limited palette of colors. Ultimately, she strives to show female intimacy through a female gaze, in a mode that is at once gestural and complex. Her work centers women as both fragmented identities and self-contained entities. 

D'abord la Mer

Faustine Badrichani
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