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Lénaïc G. Mercier

I stand as a versatile multimedia artist and photographer.

The genesis of my artistic odyssey traces back to my youth, through the practice of Circus arts, igniting a lasting passion for creative expression.

This journey continues today, affording me the opportunity to explore life and photography by allowing only the essential to take center stage.

Over time, my modus operandi has evolved, undergoing a concurrent process of lightening and realignment, perpetually converging towards my guiding principle: emotion.

Equipped with my faithful Canon camera, I seize upon the forms of elements, consistently beneath their natural luminosity.

On the road, I intermittently assume the role of a farmer within the arid plains of Western Australia, a supermarket employee amidst the infinite forests of Canada, a gardener within Sydney's opulent residences, a mere explorer in Indonesia, and at all times, a photographer.

I chose to embrace these ephemeral vocations, immersing myself wholly within each phase of my voyage, which has unveiled manifold encounters that manifest within my photographs, they narrate the chapters of my life.

My photographs stand as fleeting instants captured in stillness, sometimes premeditated, often emerging spontaneously.

Each moment, encounter, landscape finds a sanctuary within my psyche, ceaselessly nurturing my creativity.


Lénaïc G. Mercier
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