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Libby Schoettle


Libby Schoettle is a NYC artist originally from Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. She attended Gettysburg College, Philadelphia University and graduated with honors from Hunter College.

Libby’s alter ego character PhoebeNewYork first came to life in collages created with found objects, including vintage photographs, magazine pages, clothing, as well as old books, record covers, and the occasional iconic pop art element.


The artist is drawn to materials that have been owned and handled by others, materials that have been touched over time and that will remain intact over time (or not). As a perfectionist, Libby uses her art to fight against her own flaws, and to find beauty in the mistaken. She often chooses to make her collages from materials that “have lived an imperfect life,” as evidenced by wrinkles, bumps, spots and tears. She uses archival glue and mattes to attach her works.


From the streets of New York City to Philadelphia, L.A., London, and Berlin, NYC-based artist Libby Schoettle reveals her own vulnerability, raw emotions, and witty observations through her alter-ego PhoebeNewYork‘s dark and funny explorations into love, feminism, political independence, and finding beauty in the mistaken.  Unique street art iterations of Phoebe—a paper doll-like character collaged together with pieces of vintage photographs, fashion magazine pages, clothing, old books, and pop art—can be spotted on buildings, street lamps, and city scaffolding, donning phrases like “Rebel,” “Fear Nothing,” “Don’t Look Back” and “Be Confident” on her cutout couture.