oil painting + white wood frame (box)

36" x36" | 2.5" 


This series entitled "Tower" is inspired by a photo of the building  like "Manhattan" in NYC, "La défense" in Paris or "Canary Wharf" in London.

I like to scrutinize the inspiring photograph so that it transports me to the point where it becomes almost intoxicating, that it is sometimes impossible for me to work on another series at the same time.

It is as if it penetrated into my tools, into my oils.

The image becomes a story that I tell with my fingers, the material, the colors. A writer would take his pen to annotate, tell his emotion, here I take my tools and my tubes.





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    Size USA Europe
    <24" 50 80
    24"<36" 120 400
    36"<48" 200 600


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