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Angie Geehan was born in Colorado but has spent the last 20 years living in Europe and in the Indian Ocean; she is currently based in Rome.

Specializing in landscapes and seascapes, Angie paints what is beautiful and uplifting in the world around her. Her love of nature is obvious throughout her work and is a continual inspiration, from the smallest flower to the deepest sea.   As a result of her frequent travels, and the many places she has lived, Angie’s style, technique and subject matters are always evolving.  

Participating in numerous exhibits in the Seychelles Island and in the USA, Angie is now starting to exhibit in Italy. Her paintings are in private collections in six US States and eight countries around the world, including Norway, New Zealand, Thailand and the Czech Republic.

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Angie Geehan

Donated Artwork

Ghosts on the Appia
51 x 61 x 7 cm
Oil on canvas
Value €

Angie Geehan

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