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Anna Di Paola was born in Campobasso, Italy, in 1996. After graduating from classical high school, she moved to Rome where she graduated in Photography at the RUFA Rome University of Fine Arts. She concentrates her current visual research in investigating the absolute dimension linked to blue: a radical choice, that of colour, which she takes as her expressive code starting from the ancient photographic printing technique in cyanotype. The particular support medium confers a further material datum and uniqueness to the works, with textures of minute but perceptible volumetry given by the humble and distinctive recycled paper. 'Misero Blu' is in fact the title of the first solo exhibition held in 2020 in Rome, at the Galleria Maja Arte Contemporanea: a series of fifteen portraits inspired by as many paintings from Picasso's blue period. «In a certain way, Di Paola seems to slip behind the past century’s curtain so as to find the faces of the very people that Picasso portrayed in his works. She gives those faces and souls new life; and yet this life remains suspended in an azure limbo, an intermediate space where time has slowed down almost to a standstill. Surfacing out of oblivion, those faces are still fixed in the pose wanted by Picasso, but a subtle, ineffable vibration moves through the cracks of the paper they are caught on.» Lorenzo Canova

SOLO EXHIBITION “Misero blu”, Maja Arte Contemporanea, Rome 2020

ARTIST’S RESIDENCE Todi (PG, Italy) “Una stanza tutta per sé”, commissioned by Maja Arte Contemporanea, 2021

GROUP EXHIBITIONS “The Walkaround Gallery” eUrban, curated by Ria Lussi, Rome 2021

“Labirinti in Trastevere”, Museo di Roma in Trastevere, Rome 2021“Campo minato”, Hotel Re Testa, Rome 2021“XXX X Madagascar&quot;, Maja Arte Contemporanea, Rome 2021“Ceci n'est pas un selfie”, curated by Mustafa Sabbagh, RUFA Space, Rome 2018 “During Sex&quot;, curated by Valerio De Berardinis, TAG Tevere Art Gallery, Rome 2018 “Xiloreportage - Rimini 2017”, curated by Opificio della Rosa, FAR, Rimini 2017 “Materia e Visioni”, Linea / MAXXI, Rome 2017 “Crush - Manifesto Globale”, curated by Fabio Ferrone Viola, Complesso del Vittoriano, Rome 2016“Et cetera - Italian Young Street Photography”, Italian Cultural Institute, Prague 2016

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Anna Di Paola

Donated Artwork

Agostino e Andrea
43 x 30 cm
2 di 5 cianotipia su cartone
Value €

Anna Di Paola

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