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At the beginning of the lockdown, with spontaneity as her guide, Anne picked up soft pastels and  paper, venturing into a world of color and expression. This impromptu decision not only became a personal refuge but also laid the foundation for her artistic endeavor.

Anne's artwork is a symphony of colors that brings landscapes to life on paper. Her use of a vibrant and vivid palette creates a visual journey that transports viewers to distant places, invoking emotions and connections with nature.

Beyond her skillful use of color, Anne Sibireff takes her art a step further by using it as a vehicle for advocacy. In an age where social issues demand our attention, Anne's artwork becomes a powerful tool for raising awareness about violence against women (Rouhe Tabou is born). Through her creations, she sheds light on the challenges faced by women, sparking conversations and encouraging action against all forms of violence.

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Anne Sibireff

Donated Artwork

Paysages organgeux
30 x 34,5 cm
Soft pastels on paper
Value €

Anne Sibireff

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