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Filippo Saccà was born in Tivoli (Rome) in 1984. He graduated in goldsmithing from the Tivoli Art Institute and began painting in 1997. A self-taught artist, he only recently enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome studying under Professors Giuseppe Modica, Eclario Barone and Vincenzo Scolamiero.

Mine is a journey rooted more and more in nature and the landscape.But this landscape, with time, has become something else. I changed my point of view as a man resting with his feet on the ground and took flight (moving around, that's the secret to seeing things better). From up here, I see no longer trees, rivers, hills, vineyards, lakes, but serpentines of ultramarine blues, rectangles and squares of yellow ochre and cinnabar green, expanses of pure whites or incarnated by the setting of the sun. I no longer see landscapes but maps. The footsteps of men on the ground that turn into tiny dots in a row one after another, intertwine with each other and tell me of small and great journeys.

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Filippo Sacca

Donated Artwork

La Terra d'oro
21 x 29,7 cm
Ink and acrylic on paper
Value €

Filippo Sacca

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