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Giulio Rigoni's work transports us into a mythical space and time consisting of two-dimensionalities that become stage sets. The apparent stillness of the faces, the gardens, often in the form of labyrinths, the endless architecture and towers all move from the spiritualistic and ordered sobriety of late medieval painting. The perspective planes open, like wunderkammer, onto astonishing fairy-tale views. The light is clear and defined: the chromatic universe is based on the warmth of primary colors. The darknesses are dense and restful, mystical when dressed in gold. Allegory is the recurring theme of a drawing that tells stories. The characters and architecture, all emerging from the kaleidoscope of an imaginary golden age, establish a silent conversation. The deliberately static but disorienting space invites the viewer to slip into a high and inner dimension. There is the intimate space of minute detail, there is a still life with mythological overtones but also a pleasantly playful dimension. The artist addresses the viewer to enjoy the beauty of the work and perceive its atmosphere or feeling, in a smiling and inspired way, without necessarily decoding its language.

From a technical point of view, although he experiments with the use of different materials such as paper, brass and fabric, his signature is mainly oil painting on wood often embellished with gold leaf.

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Giulio Rigoni

Donated Artwork

Città tra le Nuvole (collection of four panels)
110 x 200 cm (110 x 50 cm each)
Oil and gold leaves on wood
Value €

Giulio Rigoni

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