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Janine Thüngen Reichenbach is an all-encompassing artist who lives and works in Rome. She was born in Germany and has been working as a professional sculptor for 20 years, earning international acclaim. Her sculptures and installations can be found in museums, public spaces and important private collections in many countries around the world. She also collaborates with public and private organizations, educational institutions, charitable organizations, architects' studios and other artists.

Janine's sculptures are created from a variety of materials ranging from the traditional bronze, clay and glass to more unusual such as rubber, hemp, water, sound and even plants. The artist creates works of multiple sizes that expand in scale: from portable sculptures to sculptures of monumental proportions. There are many sound and land art installations. Janine is inspired by the contrasts and juxtapositions found in humans, nature and space; the interactions between these elements are at the heart of her works. Time and space cadence the becoming of her work, which, always in constant search of new cues, also evolves through the fundamental co-participation with the viewer: the work created lives on this interaction, speaks with its materials and reflects the innumerable impressions that the interpreter of the work, that is, the viewer, makes of it.

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Janine von Thungen

Donated Artwork

Giuditta- donna chi era costui
100 x 70 cm
Value €

Janine von Thungen

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