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Lovisa Stephenson is a figurative sculptor working primarily in stone and bronze. She lives in Rome though travels extensively between the USA, France, Sweden and Italy where she maintains both family connections and a keen interest in local art initiatives and venues. She also holds a masters degree in Arts and Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education (2000) and enjoys working with schools, museums and youth in workshops and contexts of fine arts.

Working together with artisans and technicians is a collaboration that I highly value. It becomes an integral part of my creative process and is mirrored in the workshop activities that I design for young people. I strive to be simultaneously engaged as a practicing artist in teaching, learning and research.

Her studio work focuses on portraiture, narrative sculpture and anatomical studies and she is inspired by cultural histories and decorative trends that build upon traditions to construct meaningful identities.Who we are, how we are, and how we tell our stories is matter for many mediums. I seek to carve out the details of identity and narrative in stone or to build it with an armature, clay, wax, bronze, until it can stand on its own and shine.Lovisa has worked on private commissions over the years and most recently, in 2019 she participated in a group show Every Woman Biennial in NYC with a portrait of David Bowie.

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Lovisa Stephenson

Donated Artwork

23 x 13 cm
Cast bronze
Value €

Lovisa Stephenson

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