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Mixed media


Marina Misti is an artist who studied visual anthropology and worked as a documentary journalist. Her art explores diverse subject matter including identity, urban places, memory and the passing of time, and she experiments with a variety of techniques with a cross- disciplinary approach: from typographic collage to artist’s books with asemic writing, from photos to abstract assemblage of old book covers.

Through book clippings and typography fonts, she has in time repurposed a “new” visual personal memory: books have always been a source of great inspiration: the written page, both handwritten and typed, the design, the colours become the subtitles of all her research, signs and imagery that are inherent to her creative vision in its entirety. Along with her studio work 

Maria Misiti conducts unique workshops on artist’s books and abstract collage.

During the past 15 years, her works have been bought, selected and exhibited in Italy and abroad, in galleries, museums, festivals, Italian cultural institutions and in private collections, gaining both recognition and prizes.

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Marina Misiti

Donated Artwork

Book Collage #series 3/ project Identity & Memory
37 x 52 cm
Collage with pages and covers of books
Value €

Marina Misiti

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