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Michele Bellini was born in Rome in 1990. Since childhood he developed his own aptitude for drawing, encouraged by his artistically inclined mother, his father who enjoyed replica painting as a hobby, as well as his brother, a dedicated potter. Bellini began his studies in art at the Liceo Artistico, Via Ripetta, Rome (2004-2009) during which time he also studied at the SRF- Scuola Romana dei Fumetti. He went on to pursue Painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma where he concentrated on portrait painting and the 19th century Realist Movement, graduating with a thesis on the portraits of Giovanni Fattori. Inspired moreover by the paintings of Diego Velasquez, Gustav Klimt, Giovanni Fattori and Giovanni Boldoni, Bellini completed his studies in 2016 at FAA - Florence Academy of Art. 

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Michele Bellini

Donated Artwork

Fontana delle Tartarughe, Villa Borghese
24 x 30 x 3 cm
Oil on canvas
Value €

Michele Bellini

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