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Paola Orlandi, born in Rome. A passion for ceramics dating back to school years. Her life has taken her to different occupations, but she has always kept potting and since a few years she has become a full time ceramicist, with unending enthusiasm for studying and experimenting - a gift from her scientific background. 

She works mainly with stoneware, prepares her own glazes from raw materials and runs different types of firing (electric, gas, wood, soda) in search for particular effects. 

She is also fond of the ancient Etruscan technique of polished black ceramics fired at low temperature in a low oxygen atmosphere.

She has exhibited her works in Italy and abroad and she is an active member of the international ceramic community and co-founder of the Rome-based MAGMA cultural association for spreading the knowledge of ceramics and developing interdisciplinary projects. Her other studio is in the Umbrian countryside, where she currently fires with gas and where she is building a wood-firing kiln.

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Paola Orlandi

Donated Artwork

Il Pensatore
25 x 40 x 20 cm
Value €

Paola Orlandi

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