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Sonia Cipollari grew up in Rome where she studied at the 1st Liceo Artistico in Via Ripetta, in 1992 she graduated in Illustration from the European Institute of Design. From 1997 to 2006 she worked in the field of interior decoration and as a scene painter, and then devoted herself completely to painting and teaching drawing. She currently lives and works in Civita Castellana. In her work, she aims for a formal simplification that combines the synthesis of forms with a more immediate pictorial language. 

Permanent/Permanent Collections: Vallicelliana Library Rome

Solo Exhibitions/Solo Exhibition

2019 Civita Svelata Municipal Museum C. Marcantoni, Civita Castellana

2013 Imprinting M.A.D. Gallery Rome

Bipersonal Exhibitions/ Two Solo Exhibitions

2014 Carteggio Evasioni Art Studio Rome

2005 Fuoriluogo Studiomiani Rome

Group Exhibitions/Group Exhibitions

2018 TAKE ME (I'm yours) - Drawing performance for Rivane Neuenschwander's project "Primero Amor/First Love" Villa Medici Rome

2018 Tiny Biennale Temple University Rome

2018 The Secret Garden RvB ARTS Rome

2018 Dimensione Fragile Vallicelliana Library Rome

2015 ROME ESTA(R)TEESTA(R)TE Evasions Art Studio Rome

2015 Tiny Biennale Temple University Rome

2014 Finalist 55th Bugatti International Prize - Segantini Nova Milanese

2013 Finalist at the 17th Massenzio Arte International Prize Rome

2012 Finalist 53rd international prize Bugatti - Segantini Nova Milanese

2011 Visual Alterations Castello Aldobrandesco Arcidosso

2010 ContemporaneamentRe Studiomiani Rome

2006 Anonymous Artist Bluetenweiss Gallery Berlin

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Sonia Cipollari

Donated Artwork

20 x 20 cm
Oil on canvas
Value €

Sonia Cipollari

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