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Wendy Artin is an American contemporary artist who works primarily in watercolor and charcoal.  Her work is figurative and classical and explores the timeless interaction of light and pigment on surface, subjects ranging from the human figure to fresh fruits and vegetables, architectures, statues and city walls.  "I love paper and the way images can be created by pigments moving over a thin surface of transparent water. From Rome to Paris, Boston, New York, Mexico and Guatemala, I have painted indoors and out, subjects from the eternal to the fleeting. The human form and the humble strawberry are endlessly inspiring."  Wendy Artin is the 2023 Fine Arts winner of the Arthur Ross Award for Excellence in the Classical Tradition.

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Wendy Artin

Donated Artwork

Callista Twice with Hand Up
23 x 22 cm
Sanguine watercolor on Canson Mi-Teintes paper
Value €

Wendy Artin

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